Fiber laser marker metal engraver for unmovable big metal objects

*Desktop and handheld design , with removable fixed bracket, to meet a variety of marking needs.

*This laser marking machine adopts fixed automatic focusing bracket, and the laser marking machine is flexible and convenient to use.

*Laser beam stabilization: laser stability, small loss, free from the outside dust and mechanical impact, laser marking beam stability.

Compact and portable,Dowin Hand-held fiber laser marker engraver with small size, light weight, laser marking machine is easy to carry,galvanometer can be rotated 90 degrees according to the requirements, this laser marker is suitable for side marking and unmovable big metal objects like tires

handheld fiber laser marking machine

Video introduction

Hand-held metal engraver Video introduction

Tech Specifications


DW-20FH Handheld Fiber Laser Marker

Laser Power


Laser source

Raycus (IPG optional)

Laser Wavelength






Marking Range


Minimum Line Width


Indicate light

Double red light

Minimum Character


Marking Depth

0 ~0.5mm

Engraving Line Speed


Repeatability Accuracy


Beam Quality


Marking Format

Graphics, Text, Bar Codes, Two-dimensional Code, Automatically

Marking the Date,Batch number,Serial number,Frequency,etc.

Support operation system

Win7/8/10 system

Graphic Format Supported


Working Voltage

110V/220V 50~60Hz

Unit Power


Use of the Environment

Clean and Dust Free or Dust less

Working Condition:Humidity

5%-75%,Free of Condensed Water

Laser Module Life

>100000 hours

Note: If your materials is special, dont know which type laser works ,Fiber/CO2/UV laser ,please send it to us ,we offer free testing.

Application materials

This fiber laser marker price is economic with best quality, and it mainly used for marking on
Big size unmovable objects like tires , big diameter pipes ,and also could use as mormal fiber laser marker to mark on metal and nonmetal material like mobile phones buttons,  plastic translucent keys,  electronic
components, integrated circuits(IC), electrical appliances, communication products,sanity ware,tools,
accessories,knifes,medical device industry,jewelry, glass and clocks,auto parts,luggage buckle,cooking
utensils,stainless steel products and other industries, etc.

 Fiber laser marker metal engraver for unmovable big metal objects
 Fiber laser marker metal engraver for unmovable big metal objects


1.What is your main processing requirement? Laser cutting or laser engraving (marking) ?
2. What material do you need to laser process?
3. What is the size and thickness of the material?
4. Your company name, website, Email, Tel (WhatsApp…)?Are you reseller or need it for your own business?
5. How do you want to ship it , by sea or by express , whether do you have your own forwarder?

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