200W 400W YAG Spot Laser Mold Repairing Welding Machine for Metal.

YAG Laser mould welding machine is use the high energy of heat that instantaneously produced by laser to melt the special-purpose welding wire and connect it with the damaged parts of the mould so it can connect with the original material firmly.

Metal Welding Display

Tech Specifications

Models DW- 200W                     DW-400W
Machine Size (mm) 1100x900x1100mm                    1300x1000x1500mm
Xenon lamp 1pcs                     2pcs
Worktable Size(mm) 500x350               500x350
Travel Path(X, Y, Z) X=300mm ,Y=200mm Manually(option Eclectic X&Y ).
Electrically adjust Z Axis.
Worktable Bearing Load 100KG
Power Supply 220V(For 200W)/ 380V(For 400W)±10%,50Hz/60Hz
Laser Type Nd:YAG Pulsed
Laser Spot 0.2-0.3mm
Wavelength 1064nm
Pulse Width 0.5-25ms
Max. Average Power 200W                     400w
Pulse Frequency 0-100Hz
Focusing Size 150mm
Water Cooling System Bingyue 1.8KW chiller                    Bingyue 2.8KW chiller
Protective Gas Argon
Welding Wire Dimension 0.1-1.0mm
Whole Power 7KW                 12Kw

Note: If your materials is special, dont know which type laser works ,please send it to us to test free.


● Using the anti- erosive, high-temperature resistant and ceramic reflector cavity,life-span of the cavity up to 8-10 years, and that of the Xenon more than 8 million times.
● Adopting the most advanced auto light-shielding system in the word to prevent the Laser from stimulating your eyes.
● The Laser head can rotate 360 degrees, and it uses the electric lift and drives horizontally.Electrical working table (XYZ) and laser path
● Offer both Motic Brand Microscope and CCD viewing system..
● Auto wire feeder and Rotary (optional).

200W 400W YAG spot laser mold repairing welding machine  (1)
200W 400W YAG spot laser mold repairing welding machine  (1)
200W 400W YAG spot laser mold repairing welding machine  (1)

Product Details

Motic HD Microscope

10 X Microscope Amplification,Cross Cursor Indicator,And Adopting Advanced Automatic Shading System.Synchronization With The Laser Output Of Shielding Gas,To Make Sure The Solder Joints And Beautiful And Smooth.

CCD Camera

Adopts China Famous Brand CCD Camera, LCD Screen And Red Pointer. CCD Camera Can Photo-Shot The Welding Details And Transmit The Signal To LCD Screen.The Welding Effect Is More Clear And Intuitive.

X / Y / Z Three-Axis Mobile Work Platform

Electric Lifting For The Working Table,Fixed Focus More Quickly.X/Y Platform Design Sports Flexible, Able To Complete A One-Time Combination Welding Curves, Straight, Single-Point And Other Complex Processes.

Laser Head

The Laser Head Can Rotate 360 Degress,Which Is Much More Convenient For Positioning And Welding For The Special-Shaped Objects.

LCD Colorful Screen

The Operation Interface Of The Welding Machine Control System Is Simple And Practical.Pulse Width, Frequency And Speed Can Be Adjusted On The Screen And No Need Pc. Can Save 50 Sets Of Frequently Used Welding Parameters. Easy To Use.

Double LED Light

Standard Comes With 2 High-Light Camera Auxiliary Lights, A White CCD Auxiliary Light, And A Blue Microscope Auxiliary Light. The Auxiliary Lighting Uses Energy-Saving High-Light Bulbs With Clear Imaging And Good Heat Dissipation Effect, And Will Not Burn The Skin For A Long Time.

Safety Foot Pedal

Protective Foot Switch Can Prevent The Switch From Being Touched By Mistake.

Applicable Industry

Plastic Molds, Die-Casting Molds, Extrusion Molds, Glass Molds, Plastic Blow Molds, Rubber Molds, Molds Of Digital Products / Mobile Phone / Toy / Automobile / Motorcycle / etc.

Application materials

Gold, Silver, Titanium, Nickel, Tin, Copper, Aluminum And Other Metal And Its Alloy Material.

200W 400W YAG spot laser mold repairing welding machine  (1)

Is The Machine Quality Guaranteed?

Dowin Technology Co., Ltd. has its own R & D team and business team, the production of the machine have CE certification, the software you need to use will be installed and tested for you before packing., you receive the goods can be used directly, if you meet the use of the problem, don't worry! We have professional after-sales service, you can rest assured that the purchase!

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