60*90cm, 130*90cm, 160*100cm Co2 Laser Engraving Machine Models

Slimline variant , moveable holder ,DW-1390SL laser cutting machine is designed for narrow door and shipping cost saving.

Individual Ruida controller , Each layer parameter can be set separately to realize cutting and etching function on template,easy operate.Its Compatible with AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST, and other graphics data format.compatible with Light Burn ,Coreldraw and other software , Support incorruptible engraving recovery after power-off.

DW-1390SL Laser Cutting Machine INTRODUCTION

What Is Co2 Laser Cutting Machine?
Co2 Laser Cutting Machine is mainly used in the engraving and cutting of non-metallic materials. And it can be mainly used in acrylic, wood, mdf, plywood, textiles, plastics, paper... etc. DW-1390SL Co2 Laser Cutting Machine power range from 80w to 300 watts.

CO2 Laser Machines Also Known As Laser Cutting Machines

Dowin laser newly upgrade DW-1390SL Co2 Laser Cutting Machine, Feature is that install 15CM up down table, bottom Legs are removable, Could pass 90cm door easily. For bulk purchases by agents, one 40 foot container can hold 24 units, saving 30% of the transportation cost and improving the price competitiveness.

So if you wanna purchase one better Co2 Laser Cutting machine, DOWIN laser sale team will provide professional date and suggestion to help you choose most suitable laser power according to customer’s requirement.

DW-1390SL Laser Cutting Machine ADVANTAGES

DW-1390SL Co2 Laser Cutting Machine widely used in different industries. More and more customers want one high quality and stable laser machine, but there are so many different quality and price machines in the laser market, how to compare and get one good CO2 laser machine. Let DOWIN help you now.
Auto focus pen adjust focal length

Compact machine design with removable leg

Durable module linear with higher accuracy

Electrical moving table with stainless steel ball screw

Famous band RUIDA control system and panel

High precision laser head with red point

High reliability S&A brand CW5200 water chiller

Reliable LEADSHINE 57 3 phase motor and driver

Stable Co2 laser glass tube with CDWG and RECI brand

Stronger exhaust fan with double exhaust pipes

2MM thicker stronger machine case

DW-1390SL Laser Cutting Machine SPECIFICATION

The Specification of CO2 LASER CUTTING MACHINE?

Laser head with red point

DW-1390SL laser cutters use modullaser head, equipped with infrared positioning and flame retardant function. It can minimize the inertia error when the laser head moves, the operation is convenient, and the maintenance cost is low

Ruida control system and panel

DW-1390SL laser cutters install RUIDA system and panel. Ruida control system widely used in CO2 laser machines, powerful function and easy to operate. The powerful software has engraving and cutting functions, which ensures the fastest cutting speed and cutting accuracy when processing different materials.

Co2 glass laser tube

DW-1390SL laser cutters' core part is laser tube. In order to ensure machine with great quality , after years of professional technology testing, our factory has selected two brand laser tubes with the most stable performance and the best cost-effective for customers.Both CDWG and RECI are famous brands we recommend.

Linear module rail

DW-1390SL laser cutters use linear module rail, it use silent slider to reduce the resistance of the laser head. and ensure that the laser machine runs efficiently and stable for a long time, with its own cleaning and lubrication, and low maintenance.

S&A brand CW5200 water chiller

DW-1390SL laser cutters equip the machine with S&A famous water chiller, CW-5200. Efficient water circulation refrigeration will effectively extend the service life of laser tubes and machines

Electrical moving table

DW-1390SL laser cutters install electrical moving table hold by 4 stainless steel ball screws, which reduce the resistance and keep the precision for a long time, and cheap maintenance fee. The height of Z axis is 33cm and 15cm optional.

Electrical moving table

DW-1390SL Co2 laser cutters use all Leadshine brand 57 three phase motor and driver, can improve 20% high working accuracy than other brand, and power cabinet is strictly in accordance with international standards, clean and tidy. And power supply put in other side of machine case, which greatly avoid electromagnetic interference. 

DW-1390SL Laser Cutting Machine PARAMETER

Processing area 1300*900mm
Laser tube 80W(Option100W/ 130W)
Engraving speed 0-60000mm/min
Cutting speed 0-10000mm/min
Resolution ratio <0.01mm
Location precision <0.01mm
Voltage 110V±10%/ 220V±10% ,50HZ ~60HZ
Cutting thickness Depends on your materials
Minimum character Letter 1.0 x 1.0mm
Support graphic format JPG, PNG, BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, CDR, AI, DSB, GIF, MNG, TIF, TGA, PCX, JP2, JPC, PGX, RAS, PNM, SKA, RAW , etc.
Laser tube's life 10000 hours
Operating temperature 5%-95% Free of condensed water
Interface USB
Control system RUIDA-6445
Electrical up-down system Option
Rotary platform Option

DW-1390SL Laser Cutting Machine SOFTWARE


Ruida control system can work with Lightburn, mainly used to control CO2 laser cutting or engraving machine. It provides a user-friendly interface for operating the laser and offers various functions such as cutting path planning, laser power control, and real-time laser parameter adjustments. Dowin laser DW-1390SL use RD-6445G system. And this system can communicate with computer USB port or flash driver, the communication method is automatically detected by the system.

DW-1390SL Laser Cutting Machine SAMPLE

Applicable industries: advertising decoration, furniture, model manufacturing, and handicraft industry, clothing, packaging, building decoration, handicrafts, paper products, precision cutting of non-metallic sheets, etc

Applicable material: The machine is widely applied in the fine engraving and cutting on Non-metallic materials like acrylic, wood, MDF, plywood, plexiglass, ABS, double color plate, product, paper, glass, etc

DW-1390SL Laser Cutting Machine CERTIFICATIONS

The Certification of CO2 LASER CUTTING MACHINE

When you purchased laser machines from our company, we will provide you with the corresponding certificate documents, for example, CE certificate, FDA certificate, and certificate of origin, FORM E certificate, etc., and can help you import the machine into your country easily.

DW-1390SL Laser Cutting Machine FEEDBACK


We really make sense of purchasing one set machine from another country must have a good understanding of the product and supplier. As China laser machine manufacturer, we export this set DW-1390SL laser cutting machine to We ship the united state of America and European customer, all of them feel satisfy with this machine perfect performance.

DW-1390SL Laser Cutting Machine

About  Dowin Laser Technology
Focus on researching and manufacturing of laser machine over 13 years.

Dowin Technology Co.,Ltd.specializes in R&D and production of various laser equipment,such as laser cutter machine, laser engraving machine and laser marking machine. Meanwhile,customized equipment are available according to different requirements. After years of hard work,Dowinlaser's products have presented in more than 100 countries such as North America,West Europe,South Asia,South America and Mid East etc...

High Product Quality
If you need 1390 co2 laser machine, you can totally believe DOWIN 1390 model. Famous brand accesseries, and mature technicial support
Excellent Customer service
As a reliable laser manufacturers, should provide pre-sales and after-sales service, It is our job responsiblity that help customers to know, operater and maintain laser machines...
Intelligent laser solution
Dowin laser supply a range of laser equipment, Dowin laser team has full courage to innovate. We will do our best to serve each customer well.
Majority corporate partners
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DW-1390SL Laser Cutting Machine SERVICE

For laser machines, service and quality are equally important. DOWIN laser cares about the pre-sales and after-sales service of the laser machine. We hope that choosing DOWIN can bring you a very high-quality service experience and high-quality machines
Pre-sales service consultation
DOWIN specialists will be pleased to make the suitable machine to your need. You just tell the power or working materials thickness.
On-site Installation, Commissioning and Training
Detailed and mature manual, installation, operation video will provide to you, to help you master the machine quickly and efficiently
Technical issues and complaints
In case of technical questions and faults for your laser machines purchased from DOWIN laser,  do not worry, we will do these.
-Free life-time technical support
-24-hours online technician
-Remote technical guidance

DW-1390SL Laser Cutting Machine INQUIRY

Through the above information, We believe you have a deeper understanding of our 1390 co2 laser cutting machines, then please tell me your needs, we will match you with the most suitable machine in time.

Note: As products are constantly updated, please contact us for the latest specifications.

Processing area


Laser tube

80W/100W/ 130W/150W/300W CO2 glass tube

Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Resolution ratio



Step motors


110V±10%/ 220V±10% ,50HZ ~60HZ



Laser tube’s life

10000+ hours


USB and network

Control system


Working table

Honeycomb or blade working table

Graphic Format Supported

PLT, DXF, AI, BMP, DST, etc.

Cooling system

constant temperature water chiller

Standard configurations

Air compressor,exhaust fan, chiller included

Dimension/Packing size





Electrical 0-15cm lifting table , Auto focus system, rotary engraving device, Servo motor

Main Technical Parameters of the Slimline 1390 CO2 Laser cutting machine

Nonmetal materials engraving and cutting :Acrylic, Textile, Wood, wood, MDF, leather, cloth, acrylic, rubber, plastic, PVC, paper, epoxy resin, bamboo, Only engraving : glass, ceramic, marble, stone and coated metal .

The CO2 laser cutting machine mainly used for advertisement, arts and crafts, leather, toys, garments, model, building upholstery, computerized embroidery and clipping, packaging and paper industry.

Slimline 1390 CO2 Laser cutting machine for acrylic wood MDF Slimline 1390 CO2 Laser cutting machine for acrylic wood MDF

1.What is your main processing requirement? Laser cutting or laser engraving (marking) ?
2. What material do you need to laser process?
3. What is the size and thickness of the material?
4. Your company name, website, Email, Tel (WhatsApp…)?Are you reseller or need it for your own business?
5. How do you want to ship it , by sea or by express , whether do you have your own forwarder?