Auto Feeding textile Laser cutter With Camera

Model: DW-1814Camera

Printed fabric automatic feeding laser cutting machine with CCD camera positioning.

  • Automatic feeder ,One or Two heads work independently, high processing efficiency.
  • Using Canon camera, high recognition accuracy.
  • Cutting by directly contour capturing.
  • Supporting manual adjusting through software to solve the problem of material distortion.

Widely used in the industries of fabric ,textile,labels, garment, footwear,leather, cloth toy, computerized embroidery cutting

Application Industry

Under the car seat cushion blanking, snow boots slippers, pillow under the warm hand treasure material, clothing affixed cloth embroidered, woven label, trademark cutting, garment accessories, ornamental engraving, punching and trimming, leather punch, lofting and cutting, organic glass, plastic, PVC, paper, wood and bamboo, ceramic, granite, graven images industry.

Application material

Advanced laser cutting of dye sublimation printed fabrics and textiles, woven or embroidered labels, printed labels,applique, numbers, letters, logos …

Dowin laser’s professional laser cutter with vision system have been developed with years of experience in advanced finishing technology. Dowinlaser strives to empower you with laser cutting solutions to bring exceptional quality, smart processing and unsurpassed accuracy to your workflow.

Video introduction

Tech Specifications


DW-1814Camera (DW1610/1812Camera)

Processing area


auto feed cutting table


cutting Speed




laser tube power


Laser wave length


Resolution ratio


Minimum shaping character

Chinese character 2mm/ letter 1mm

Resetting positioning accuracy




Operating Temperature


Operating humidity


Graphic Format Supported

BMP,HPGL (PLT), DXF, G-CODE, DST,AutoCAD, CorelDraw, CAD CAM, AI, Photoshop

software supported

Coreldraw,AutoCAD,Photoshop.llustrator etc


 reflect lens(3pcs)+import focus lens(1pcs)

guide Rail

high quality mould rails

Driver Type

leadshine stepmotor

cooling sytem

S&A CW-5200



Opearate System

Win98/Win2000/WinXP/Win 7/vista


LCD screen with USB interface

pass through doors

Allow to cut extremely long materials

Free Assistant equipment

exhaust-fan,air pump,industry chiller CW5200


One head/Dual heads same steps/Dual X rails

Canon EOS camera

The 2,400-megapixel Canon EOS camera can more clearly map the details of the fabric pattern, ensuring that the cutting position and cutting process can be completed more accurately.


Automatic feeding platform

The use of the chain conveyor belt can save manual operation and further ensure the safety of the operation, while improving the efficiency of the machine work. At the same time, the automatic conveying of the cloth can also reduce the error as much as possible and avoid waste.

Detailed images

Dowin fabric laser cutting with camera (1)

High precision Canon Camera

auto feeding fabric laser cutter (6)

Auto feeding working table

fabric laser cutting  (1)
Liner rails

Liner rails stable dust proof and fast speed

fabric laser cutter

Individual professional fabric laser cutting software TROCEN

Liner raildf

Famous brand CDWG tube no burned edge

auto feeding fabric laser cutter (5)

Auto feeding working table

How the Camera works?

Camera is mounted on the top of the laser cutting machine, After the material is fed to the laser cutting table, the camera takes a photo of the printed pattern at once in the entire work area at one time. The software automatically creates a file according to the shape and size of the pattern, and then the laser heads cut precisely along the outline of the pattern.  It only takes about 10 seconds to take pictures and create files.

How the software works?

The software detects the contour according to the big color difference between the printing outline and materials background. Do not have to use the original patterns or files.

it is a fully automatic process without manual intervention. Detection of printed fabrics directly from rolls, without any preparation.

And because the camera takes photos after the fabric is feeding to the cutting area, the precision will be very high.

vision laser cutter

To provide you with a one-stop fabric laser cutting solution