DOWIN Co2 Flying Laser Marking Machine Plastic Water Bottle Marking

Dowin Co2 flying laser marking machine is the first choice for date marking on plastic PET water bottles , cartons ,
food package ,medicine packages ,beer bottle labels industry etc ,printing information like batch number , date number , QR Code , bar code , logo etc , machine match with the production line , sensor and encoder work together , to keep printing during production line flying , automatically printing , improve productivity greatly

  • Machine factory mirror: 110*110MM
  • Marking speed: 0-7000MM/S
  • Product Detail

    Flying co2 laser marking machine is suitable for cables, PE pipes, then it is especially suitable for automatic production line of date code or bar code.
    According to customer's different needs matching fiber, CO2, UV and other models and automatic assembly line work bench to meet customer requirements of flight standards system, to achieve assembly line operations to improve production efficiency.
    Compared with ink jet printer, laser marking machine has functions of noconsumption,no pollution, no noise, energy saving and environmental protection.



    • With CRD brand laser source, working life over 100,000 hours.The industry's best quality fiber opticcal manufacturer,microfiber beam 0.001mm
    • Comes with a pad control system, aluminum alloy frame,high resolution,clear display, fast processing speed, small size, simple and convenient to use.
    • Using Omron encoders, the moving speed of the work platform can be transmitted in real time, and the laser marking software can handle marking by itself according to different moving speeds.
    • Galvo head use high speed galvanometer scan adopting SCANLAB technology,digital signal,high precision and Speed , catch up with high speed flying production line request.
    • The laser bracket adopts precision alloy and imported precision linear device, which can adjust the angle of the laser head 180 degrees, the adjustable range of front and rear is 250 mm, and the adjustable range of up and down is 1200 mm. The flexible table has multiple screw holes, which is convenient for customized installation and can be matched Use in production lines.

    Technical Parameters

    Model DW-40FC
    Marking scope 110*110mm
    Power 40W
    Laser sources RF co2 laser tube
    Laser CR40C 9.3
    Wave length of laser 1064nm
    Minimal character 0.001mm
    Marking speed 8000mm/s
    Support format PLT, BMP, DXF, JPG, TIF, AI etc
    Repeated accuracy <0.01mm
    Software CNF flying software
    Power supply AC220V/  110V   50-60HZ
    Computer Screen touch included


    Co2 flying laser marking machine is the first choice for date marking on plastic PET water bottles, cartons, food package, medicine packages, beer bottle labels industry etc.
    The laser marking machine is mainly used for printing information like batch number, date number, QR code, bar code, logo etc., machine match with the production line, sensor and encoder work together, to keep printing during production line flying, automatically printing, improve productivity greatly.

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