Marking Logo On Glasses For A Customer Who Owns A Coffee Shop.

UV laser marking machine is widely used and one of the most popular types of marking machine.

A customer sent us an enquiry email after comparing a number of machines on and told us the purpose of buying the machine. Through the email, we learnt that the customer wanted to engrave a logo on the cups used in his coffee shop, so we recommended a 5w uv laser marker;
In order to dispel the customer's doubts about the marking effect of the machine, but also to ensure that the customer to buy peace of mind, we used the samples sent by the customer marking test;
In the process of marking technology to change the parameters of the purpose is to improve the clarity of the marking logo, depth, fast speed;
We sent the marked samples back to the customer's hands, the customer was particularly satisfied and then bought the uv marking machine.


If you are looking for a durable and reliable UV laser marking machine for high-precision marking of glass, gemstones, medical devices, solar panels, circuit boards, microchips, plastics, etc., but are not sure which machine is right for you, please follow the steps below:

1. send us your product sample pictures, marking effect requirements, materials to be marked and depth, we will recommend the right machine for you.

2. If you are worried about the working ability of the machine, please send us the samples, we will test it for you for free and take videos and pictures during the test, or we can send the samples back to you if you need.

3. Once the order is confirmed, in order to make sure that the customer can rest assured, we can pay 30% deposit first, and then start the production, the machine can be ready in 1 week, after ready, we will send the pictures and videos of the machine, after the customer confirms that everything is OK, the balance can be paid by the customer, and we will arrange for the shipment of the machine.

UV laser marking machine meets the high requirements of various industries for marking applications. The marking machine can be widely used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, tobacco, leather, packaging, building materials, lighting, accessories, cosmetics, electronic components and other industries for marking products and packaging shells, with high efficiency, high quality, low consumption, no pollution and other advantages.

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Post time: Dec-05-2023