In order to let customers buy high quality products, Dowin Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the FESPA global print expo in Messe Munich on 23rd-26th May.

At the exhibition, the company’s exhibition attracted the attention of visitors and potential customers. By analyzing the features and advantages of the main products in detail, the staff demonstrated the company’s advantages in laser engraving and cutting machines, laser marking machines and its leading position in laser cutting and engraving fields.

Laser engraving and cutting machine is a core product of the company. Adopting advanced laser technology, it is capable of high-precision engraving and cutting.

Laser marking machine,which can make permanent marking on various materials,such as text,barcode .The machine is characterized by high speed,high precision and high efficiency and is widely used in industrial manufacturing,electronic products and other fields.

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Dowin Technology Co., Ltd. business covers many countries around the world, we have a perfect sales system, excellent professional knowledge and first-class service, welcome to contact us at any time!

Post time: Aug-02-2023
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