How to mark engrave JPG pictures directly by laser marking machine


Laser  marking machines are widely used in all walks of life. They can mark logos, parameters, two-dimensional codes, serial numbers, patterns, texts and other information on metals and most non-metallic materials. To mark portrait pictures on specific materials, such as metal tags, wooden photo frames, etc., the following are some common steps for laser engraving pictures in the laser equipment industry

1. First import the photos to be marked into the laser marking machine software

2. Fix the DPI value of the laser marking machine, that is, the pixel point. Generally speaking, the higher the value set in it, the better the effect will be, and the relative time will be slow. The commonly used setting value is around 300-600, of course It is also possible to set a higher value, and you can adjust the relevant parameters here.

3. Then we need to set the relevant photo parameters. In most cases, we need to set the inversion and dot mode for the photo (there will also be a case where the inversion is not selected. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to set the inversion). After setting, enter Expand, check the brightening treatment, contrast adjustment is to control the ideal effect of laser marking machine photos, the white area is not marked, and the black area is marked.

4. Let’s look at the scanning mode below. Some laser marking machine manufacturers commonly use the dot mode setting of 0.5. Bidirectional scanning is generally not recommended. It is too slow to scan left and right, and it is not necessary to adjust the dot power. The speed on the right is about 2000, and the power is about 40 (the power is determined according to the product material. The power of 40 is set here for reference. If the phone case is taking pictures, the power can be set higher), the frequency is about 30, and the frequency is set. The more dense the dots come out of the laser marking machine. Every photo needs to adjust the contrast
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Post time: Mar-11-2022