How to choose one high-quality 1390 laser machine, you need to consider these questions before making good decision?

1390 laser machine widely used in different industries. More and more customer want one high quality and stable laser machine, but there are so many different quality and price machines in the laser market, how to compare and get one good CO2 laser machine, hope this article will be helpful for your procurement. Several small questions need to think of before making decision?

1. What kind of materials will you mainly want to process? And how about max cutting thickness?

1390 CO2 laser engraver cutting machine power range from 80w to 180 watts for engraving and cutting nonmetal materials such as acrylic, wood, mdf, plywood, textiles, plastics, paper…etc. Very high cutting quality can be achieved by cutting PMMA (“acrylic”, “Plexiglas”) – when processed correctly, the cutting edges are just as transparent as all other surfaces of the work piece. And regarding the cutting thickness, need to choose different laser power, setting different output power rate and cutting speed. the maximum cutting thickness exist some difference. Dowin laser sale team will provide professional date and suggestion to help you choose most suitable laser power according to customer’s requirement.


2. How about the working table sizes? Will it fit in your workshop?

Dowin laser newly upgrade 1390 laser machine, working area is 1300*900mm. In machine design and product application, it can meet the purchasing needs of more than 80% of customers. It is worth mentioning that DW-1390 Slimline Model as our newest laser equipment. Feature is that  bottom Legs are removable, Could pass 90cm door easily. For bulk purchases by agents, one 40 foot container can hold 24 units, saving 30% of the transportation cost and improving the price competitiveness.


3.What the most important is the machine component, including Laser tube brand, control system and some important useful accessories.

*The core part of laser machine is laser tube, There are several different brand in the market, Such as RECI, CDWG, YL, EFR and so on. In order to ensure machine with great quality , after years of professional technology testing, our factory has selected two brand laser tubes with the most stable performance and the best cost-effective for customers.Both CDWG and RECI are famous brands we recommend. If 150W, honestly speaking, RECI is more stable and can provide efficient after-sale service. Other power, CWG has more price advantages. And its biggest advantage is that no black edge after cutting fabric, wood. And the gap is particularly perfect.


*Ruida control system widely used in CO2 laser machines, powerful function and easy to operate. Dowin laser adopt the most stable newest version for each set machine.The powerful software has engraving and cutting functions, which ensures the fastest cutting speed and cutting accuracy when processing different materials.


*Compared with other laser machines with only one exhaust pipe, Dowin brand laser machine equipped with two smoke pipes, to achieve the most efficient smoke exhaust effectively, it provides users with a good working environment.


* For the lifting system, we use the world’s leading ball screw lifting, the advantage is that the friction force is reduced and the accuracy is greatly improve. Although for a long working time, Precision can still be kept.


*We equip the machine with S&A famous water chiller, CW-5200. Efficient water circulation refrigeration will effectively extend the service life of laser tubes and machines


3. In addition to a high-quality laser machine, what other good after-sales guarantees can be obtained?

As one of professional laser machine manufacturer in China, Dowin laser not only supply high quality laser machine, we also have professional after sale service team.CO2 laser machine warranty is 12 months, laser tube warranty is 10 months, consumable parts like mirror and lens excluded. We will send guidance video and English manual. Our engineers support online training. If necessary, we can send our engineers to your site for training, or you can send operators to our factory for training.



Post time: Sep-14-2022
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