DOWIN LASER Releases New Product – Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

On December 18, 2023, Zhengzhou DOWIN LASER Co., Ltd. released a newly developed product - jewelry laser welding machine. The new product welding machine is faster and cheaper, which meets the needs of both B-end and C-end customers.


Jewelry laser welding machine adopts ergonomic design, suitable for professional appearance design of jewelry laser welding industry, equipped with a dedicated cross cursor microscope observation system, equipped with high-speed electronic filter device, which can protect the eyes of the operator. The high-power beam expansion system can obtain more fine spots to meet the needs of fine laser spot welding; the whole machine is small in size, convenient to carry and transport, simple to operate, good welding effect, stable and reliable equipment, and low failure rate.

By adopting the Laser head, the Laser Power Supply, the Internal-Circle Cooling System, the Control System, the Numerical Control System and the Integrative Design of the Workbench, this device offers you a compact structure and smart appearance with convenient operations and stable performance, which occupies only a small place. It uses a power switch and allows you to select the output power, frequencies, the pulse width and other parameters of the Laser through the touch panel. It also has an auto-protective function that can protect it from mistaken operations and temperature excursion.With the remote control unit or through the touch panel, you can select the output power, frequencies, the pulse width and other parameters of the Laser, set up the speed and control the directions (forward, backward, left or right) by which the Workbench moves, so that it can produce a flat and tidy welding line or welding point to optimize the results.


Applicable industry:

Used for precision welding of hardware, kitchen and bathroom industry hardware (faucet and round pipe welding, kitchen sheet metal parts, washing machine inner tube welding, etc.) and electronic industry (mobile equipment) precision hardware welding. Phone, tablet, car, etc.)

Applicable materials:

It can meet the welding of various metals, alloys, steel, Kovar alloy and other same materials, as well as the welding of copper nickel, nickel titanium, copper titanium, titanium molybdenum, brass copper, low carbon steel copper andother dissimilar metals.

Jewelry fine welding
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New product activity is in progress, come and buy it!

Post time: Dec-22-2023