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The 2024 Shanghai International Printing Exhibition will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from February 28 to March 2, 2024! APPPEXPO Shanghai International Printing Exhibition, founded in 1993, will celebrate its 30th successful edition. As a highly influential international professional brand exhibition in the advertising, signage, printing, packaging industries and related industrial chains, APPPEXPO Shanghai International Printing and Printing Exhibition has always been committed to promoting the continuous development of the industry, with the purpose of building a global trade procurement platform, and continuing to revitalize the industry. make a positive contribution

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DOWIN Laser in 7.2-A0479, We bring out our machines and laser solutions from 6040PRO-1390PRO and one unit 1814 cloth laser cutting machine, cost-effective machines and quality service, the scene has been more favorable and consultation, many international friends have stopped and on-site viewing, consultation! For our new machine models, appearance and machine program, to visit the friends showed full of interest, the flow of people!

Co2 Laser machines:

DOWIN laser published new PRO series Co2 laser cutting engraving machine, from 6040 PRO-1610 PRO. We comprehensive upgrade machine appearance to machinery structure. Stronger, more stable and higer precision series is coming. And they are widely used in non-metal materials engraving and cutting, such as wood, acrylic, leather, paper, MDF, stone, plexiglass..... Welcome to our booth to see.


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Cloth laser cutting machine:


DW-1814 is one professional cloth laser cutting machine that is popular among customers. This model has automatic feeding and CCD camera positioning cutting functions for cloth and clothing fabric cutting. The cutting area reaches 1800*1200mm. It adopts High-quality Canon industrial camera, the camera is cleaner, ensuring cutting accuracy, and greatly improving the cutting effect. It is very suitable for laser cutting processing of cloth leather, clothing fabrics, PU leather and genuine leather. It is suitable for all kinds of clothing, shoes, bags and fabrics.

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Exhibition scene style:

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Welcome to Visit DOWIN Laser in Shanghai APPP EXPO

✅Time: 28th Feberarury -02nd March 2024   

✅Booth 7.2-A0479

Your presence will make it even more special. See you there!

Post time: Mar-29-2024