Co2 laser engraving cutting machine how to use auto focus system

What is focus distance ?For all laser cutting machine there is a certain focus distance , for CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine ,focus distance means the distance from the lens to the surface of the materials, normally there are 63.5mm and 50.8mm, the smaller the better result for engraving,the bigger the better for most small laser machine mostly used for engraving and use focus distance 50.8mm. Bigger size like 960 and 13090 size laser engraving cutting machine use 63.5mm lens.USA brand or Opex China brand .


But the lens is installed inside the cutting head, in order to find the focus distance fast ,laser manufacture will offer a fast way to find focus distance.

laser cutting machine

1,If your laser engraving machine no electrical up-down working table or dont asked auto focus system, please use the acrylic bar we offer to find the correct focus distance.

laser engraving machine

2,Press here on laser machine Ruida system panel to use auto focus

laser engraving machine

3,If you want to change Auto focus position (for example you want to use 50.8mm  or 63.5mm focus distance ),could adjust the screws here as picture below,also set correct parameters in software  :

laser engraving machine laser engraving machine

Post time: Sep-29-2022
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