2023.01.01 DOWIN laser company signed a contract with Saudi Arabia distributor.

Act as an importer and first exclusive distributor in Saudi Arabia to distribute DW-3040B/6040Pro/1390SL/1610/1325/1325M Co2 laser engraving and cutting machines,DW-1325CNC router ,All power fiber and CO2 laser marking machine ,Full model Fiber laser cutting and welding machine,and other models in the future according to the market.

As sole agent ,they must complete the total order amount not less than $400,000 each year,Dowin laser company doesn’t be allowed to sell any model equipment specified in this contract to Saudi Arabia directly without notifying .

 1390 laser cutting machine

First trying order was played in 2021, one set small engraving machine by DHL that’s our DW-3040B model stamp laser engraving machine, but Saudi Arabia customs is very strict with laser equipment, they asked Saber and returned the machine back to China, we tried our best to help to send by sea way, helped clients solve problem even our sales was in Hospital, he replied clients in 3:00am to help solving problem, client was very appreciated and 100% satisfied with the machine quality also after testing , high engraving precision on rubber stamp (they are selling Trotec laser before), he believes us so much and always launched a new project to produce a high quality 70*50cm laser engraving machine, with best spare parts like RF metal tube, servo motor ,module rails to make it the best engraving machine,they have confidence to be the best in Saudi Arabia .They said we are trust able , second order was a 40HQ container in 2022 and 3 containers at the end of 2022. Want to be Dowin’s sole agent in Saudi Arabia. We believe only the stable quality and integrity is the key to success!

Post time: Mar-08-2023
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